Chrysoberyl Cats Eye 1.23 Cts - 15960

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye 1.23 Cts - 15960

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fine gems from sri lanka sapphirs rubies padparascha

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Fine gems from Sri Lanka
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye 1.23 cts 15960
Gorgeous Gem
Gem Description
Quantity 1

100% Natural - Not treated in any way.

Will make a Gorgeous Ring or Pendent accented with Diamonds.

Beautiful sharp Catseye effect.

Large Sizes are Extremely Rare!

A Gem of Lasting Beauty.

Carats 1.23
Size 5.7 mm
Color Yellow Green
Clarity TRC/ VC

See Clarity Scale

Shape Round
Treatment None
Origin Sri Lanka
Location Colombo,Sri Lanka
About This Gem

Refractive Index: 1.741 - 1.760
Hardness: 8.5
Chemical Comp: BeAl2O4
Density:     3.73
Crystal Group: Orthorhombic

The Chrysoberyl cat's eye is a miracle of Nature! This gem has a thin Bright Silver band of light on a shimmering golden background,and glides across the surface.Fine inclusions in the stone are responsible for this phenomenon called chatoyancy.  The incident light is reflected in such a way that that a bright strip of light appears running perpendicular to the inclusions

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